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The Best Time for Executive Coaching Is Now

How many times in your career have you felt your levels of motivation waning off after days and weeks of not connecting to your work and its meaningfulness? Feeling burned out from years of climbing the corporate ladder takes a toll on many of us.

Eileen Springer, is the founder of Central Park Executive Coaching. She decided to make a major pivot in her own career in the course of one day while attending a certification and executive coaching program at Columbia University. Eileen provides executive coaching formulated from years of experience with the HR advisory board specializing in leadership development.

Key topics discussed:

  • How a sudden pivot leads to running her own business and consulting
  • Effects of a post-pandemic introspection
  • How the Great Resignation has impacted employers
  • Questions to yourself if you’re considering giving your notice
  • Eileen’s experience networking and building relationships in Havyn

If you decide to make a career change, Eileen shares wisdom backed by experience on ways to better transition and show up in the next phase of your career.“It’s very important to prepare for the first few months of a job and to be deliberate about how you’re going to be planful in settling in into a new role.” -Eileen Springer

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Email: Eileen@CentralParkExecutivecoaching.com 

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