Are Instagram Reels for You? with Chyna Inez-Davis & Emily Carpenter

Instagram Reels allow users to create and share short, creative, and entertaining video content. It is a fun and interactive platform for people to showcase their talents, share moments, and connect with others. With the increasing popularity of video content, Instagram Reels has become an important tool for people to increase their reach and engage with their followers.

Chyna and Emily from Digital Retail Partners work with Reels on a daily basis. They will share their favorite tips and tricks that they use to make their small business customers shine.

This workshop on Instagram Reels will briefly cover some of the following topics:

• Understanding Instagram Reels and its features

• Optimizing Reels for discoverability using hashtags and captions

• Incorporating music, filters, and special effects in Reels

• Best practices for creating engaging and shareable Reels

• Strategies for promoting Reels to gain more views and followers.