The 10 Best Mac Tips & Tricks to Boost Business Productivity

Check out “The 10 Best Mac Tips and Tricks to Boost Business Productivity” with Seth Benjamin, Founder of Service Macs LLC, a Corporate Macintosh Solutions firm located in Wilton, CT.

You’re on your MacBook 6-10 hours per day. Let’s say if you optimize your efficiency by even 10%, it would make a huge difference every day, right?

In this live webinar, Seth’s 10 best Mac tips will include:

  • Keyword shortcuts
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Protecting yourself from Malware …and more!

About Seth:
Seth started Service Macs LLC in 2005 after leaving a firm he helped grow for over 9 years. His knowledge and customer rapport has helped ServiceMacs maintain a one hundred percent customer retention rate. Seth has been optimizing Macintosh environments for over 25 years. Having a passion to provide the best possible customer experience, Seth has maintained and built new relationships with some of the most prestigious fortune 500 companies. Learn more at