Suburban Coworking Creates Work Life Balance

Remote work certainly has its benefits. It allows for more flexibility, whether you want to devote more time to loved ones during the day — or complete work tasks from the comfort of your couch.

It is a perk for many but can be a challenge for others. Not being in a physical office or work environment invites more distractions: childcare, pets, social media, TV streaming, housekeeping, and increased responsibilities. When there’s no one to hold you accountable at home, the line between personal and professional is easy to blur – inviting low motivation and high stress.

Finding a productive area where you can focus purely on your work is the key to success. A coworking space is the perfect solution to help you optimize your work time and regain your personal life. This blog will share how coworking hubs can help you optimize your time and regain your personal life.

What Does Work Life Balance Mean?

Work life balance looks different for everyone. It regards how individuals manage their careers and lives outside the office. The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture amid the pandemic and global unrest is one of the biggest challenges to society’s mental health.

Sleep deprivation and working after hours are two leading causes that put Americans at higher health risks. Working more than 55 hours is highly damaging, increasing the chances of a stroke, heart disease, anxiety, or depression. You might also experience burnout (over-exhaustion) that makes the simplest tasks feel overwhelming.

Mom trying to work from home with baby

Cowork spaces across suburban and urban communities can assist in creating a positive work life balance. Benefits of coworking include:

  • It enables professionals to stick to an effective work schedule – boosting productivity
  • You have more access to open spaced seating and offices to get work done comfortably
  • A quiet and distraction-free environment with snacks, coffee and amenities, even a fitness center sometimes.
  • Allows for individuals to dress for the workday and feel better about yourself.
  • It develops a routine that ensures the home remains a family-oriented space.
  • Have access to meeting rooms – for client-facing and team video interactions throughout the day.
  • Encourages socialization – to not feel isolated.

Whether you’re a CEO, employee, or have a freelance career, you shouldn’t have to worry about the stressors of working in a makeshift office space. Suburban coworking can be integral in marking a separation between home and work. Having a balance can improve all aspects of your life:

  • More motivation and productivity
  • Better mental and physical health
  • Designated time to spend with family and friends
  • More time to do hobbies that you love
  • And hopefully receive better performance reviews at work ?

Tip: Get A Day Pass to Test Out A Space

Shawnna Hall-Enoch, a social member at HAYVN, values the community, flexibility, and convenience suburban coworking has to offer. Especially last year when she spent a great deal of time commuting to Norwalk from Brooklyn, NY to visit her mom.

It wasn’t long before she decided to make her time in Connecticut more permanent. During the peak of COVID-19, Hall engaged with her team remotely, and it wasn’t long before she needed a suburban cowork space to venture to nearby; a space to focus and get work done.

Shawnna Hall-Enoch, HAYVN Member

“HAYVN was one of few in the area that displayed prices and let me book a day pass easily online,” she said. “It was nice to see people end their day between 5-5:30PM, which rubbed off on me and allowed me to get my evenings back.”

Since joining HAYVN, Hall found solace knowing that she could come to a cowork space on her own time. She has since moved back to Fairfield County and transitioned into a new job that requires her to be in the office a few days a week.

Though her time at HAYVN is limited, she appreciates being able to come back to HAYVN for social events. “Working at home has benefits, but you don’t get the collaborative energy you can get at a coworking space. There was always an event at HAYVN, and I was introduced to many other members, which has helped me network.”

HAYVN Coworking

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