College students are headed back to school amidst the pandemic.

Some schools have adopted a hybrid model of online and limited in-person classes. Others have opted for remote coursework leaving many to study at home. For the latter, students looking forward to college life, renting a desk at a coworking space may be a viable study solution for online learning.  

Where can I study?

With six colleges and universities in Fairfield County, CT, “Where can I study?” is the question that many students are asking when a bedroom or home office is not the answer.

Photo of student options at HAYVN

National Public Radio has discussed how the reopening of campus classes will look this year, amidst the social distancing regulations. Along with stepped-up health and hygiene measures, there are many things changing:

  • Reduced class sizes 
  • Staggered schedules 
  • New calendars and attendance policies 
  • Canceled assemblies and events 
  • Dorms and living arrangements

The need to shift and adopt new ways of teaching, facilitating and learning is affecting schools, parents and students alike. 

Productivity and Learning by Adopting a Coworking Mindset 

Students who are looking for practical benefits and innovative ways to make the most out of their remote learning experience will find they can get more work done in a comfortable office setting within a coworking space. Coworking spaces are designed for interaction and work, so say goodbye to the noisy cafe offering $5 fancy coffees and avoid the temptation to take unlimited naps and trips to the kitchen when working from home. HAYVN offers a flexible “floating desk” option with a ten-pack of “Zoom Room” passes for $600. With a dedicated desk, you have 24×7 access so there’s no need to worry about business hours. 

Commercial grade, fast internet

Intermittent connectivity can be a huge hassle when attending online classes. Just imagine hearing every other word your professor says during a lecture or missing 15-20 minutes of a session altogether because your internet crashes. Sharing a home network with others can pose problems such as these. A coworking facility offers access to stable and reliable business-grade internet and power supply, minimizing interruptions. 

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Private office at HAYVN in Darien CT, Fairfield County CT

The future of classrooms

Most modern coworking spaces are designed with:

  • comfortable seats
  • office-grade desks
  • soft lighting and indoor plants

All of this combines to offer a modern version of a study hall or library without the stiff furniture–making studying a lot more inviting!

According to the Harvard Business Review, “Right now, the Coronavirus pandemic is forcing global experimentation with remote teaching.” Remote online courses may mean spending prolonged time in front of a computer but that doesn’t have to mean working in complete isolation. Students looking for a more social atmosphere can enjoy working quietly at a hot desk or private office. This offers a place to focus during study sessions while also interacting with others in a safe physical setting when students and teachers can’t meet.

The Camaraderie of a Network

One of the biggest challenges in studying remotely is to have a human connection. You can get inspired by professionals and entrepreneurs in a real-world work and learning environment. 

One of the most valuable training opportunities lies in interacting with a diverse group of professionals who are able to contribute to and impart knowledge. Live events and workshops provide an opportunity for students to engage more directly in the coworking community, network with potential mentors, and gain experiential learning. 

The pandemic has challenged archaic learning methods and conventional teaching institutions. It is a pivotal period in adopting a new way of learning. What this means is that students learn-as-they-go and are able to witness real-world case studies that prepare them for a more collaborative and fast-paced learning environment.

Is working from your childhood bedroom & that tiny desk getting old?

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Learning how to tie your shoelaces while you run is no easy feat, but coworking grants the opportunity for students to work around today’s challenges — readying them to navigate the future of work.

Connect, create, and study.

Treat yourself to Day at HAYVN’s beautiful light-filled coworking space. Meet the helpful staff, get a tour, and start your study day. When you’re ready for a break, grab a fresh coffee, tea or cold beverage and relax in our common area or join one of our member events.

HAYVN Coworking

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