Solving Problems for Athletic Coaches with Schedulete with Ann Murray on HAYVN Hubcast

In this episode of HAYVN Hubcast, we have the privilege of hearing from Ann Murray, Co-Founder of Schedulete, an innovative online platform designed to streamline the scheduling process for coaches. With a focus on optimizing scheduling efficiency and reducing time and effort, Schedulete has become a game-changer in the coaching industry.

Throughout the conversation, Ann shares valuable insights from her entrepreneurial journey with her co-founder (and daughter) Alexa Murray, offering practical lessons for those embarking on their own business ventures:

  • Discover the power of collaboration as diverse skill sets and strengths converge to create something extraordinary.
  • Emphasize continuous product development as a driving force behind sustained success.
  • Navigating between the different fundraising and strategic partnership options and deciding which is best for your business growth.

“It always takes longer to build something than you anticipate.” -Ann Murray

Ann also opens up about her connection to the HAYVN community, recounting how it played an essential role in her entrepreneurial growth. From participating in the  HAYVN Hatch to the ongoing support, Ann highlights the tremendous value that comes from being part of the HAYVN ecosystem.

Join us as we dive into Schedulete’s startup journey, a story of ingenuity, partnership, and its growing impact on the coaching industry.

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