Serving with Passion and Purpose with State Rep Tracy Marra on HAYVN Hubcast

State Representatives play an important role in their communities. It’s their job to recognize the needs of the people they represent and make sure those needs are met by legislation. In this episode of HAYVN Hubcast, we’re joined by Rep. Tracy Marra. She’s currently the State Representative for Norwalk & Darien.

Ever since high school, Rep. Marra was focused on a career as a pharmacist. Even though she compared being a pharmacist to being a lawyer, with the amount of reading, research, and knowledge it required, she never thought that she’d go into politics.

While living and working in Bermuda, her time away from our country gave her a new level of respect for the U.S., and an appreciation for the fact that she could vote and have her words heard by her government. After getting actively involved in her local Darien community, she worked as an organizer, a campaign manager, and eventually a representative.

In her first year as State Representative, she is actively engaged on the Education, Public Health and Transportation committees.

“I didn’t want it to be by the 10% from either side that was acting crazy. I wanted to make sure that our community was represented by someone thoughtful.” – Rep. Tracy Marra

Rep. Marra shares with us:

  • Why she decided to get into politics
  • The projects and passions she’s working on
  • The support businesses need in Connecticut.

“We need to move forward with rational, calm legislation. The noise is just noise.” – Rep. Tracy Marra

In this episode Rep. Marra shares her knowledge, her sense of civic responsibility and the work she is doing for Connecticut, while demonstrating how her thoughtfulness and appreciation for the country are influencing her work.

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