Katy Kinsella chats integrating your side hustle with your day job on HAYVN Hubcast

When you have passion projects, hobbies, or interests that you follow outside of your day job, how do you bring them into alignment with your full life?

Our guest, Katy Kinsella, has successfully found a way to align her side hustle with her full-time career in a way that allows her to live an open and joy-filled life. Katy is the Business Development Director of Kerry, a company with taste and nutrition solutions for the food and beverage industry. She is also the co-founder of GOpure, the small portable water purifying solution.

Joining your two worlds together in a way that aligns, feels cohesive, and energizing, creates better productivity, focus, and drive for your day job AND your side hustle.

“It’s not a secret, it’s just another passion that I have, that actually really aligns” -Katy Kinsella

Key Points Katy Shares in this Discussion:

  • How remote working has changed the work dynamic since Covid
  • Multiple interests and passions give you more depth and fulfillment
  • Having dual roles that align doesn’t mean you’re a “cheater”

“Hopefully, everyone’s up to something else cause that just makes you more fulfilled if you have various hobbies or interests.” -Katy Kinsella

Both of Katy’s roles align in the sense that the company she works for full time is dedicated to delivering better taste, health and well-being, while her side hustle with GOpure is also about better health and taste. Having ways that your two roles connect and align to make you a whole person is very achievable and realistic.

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