How a Doctor Becomes a Startup Co-Founder with Dr. Courtney Toombs on HAYVN Hubcast

You never know how or when the opportunity to reconnect with previous passions comes back into existence. For those fortunate enough to experience this phenomenon, it is beyond rewarding to discover new passions and align them to the path you intentionally choose.

Dr. Courtney Toombs was able to discover new passions in the midst of enjoying previous passions. She went from publishing a memoir, to orthopedic surgery to co-founding a new clinical solution alongside her sister, Allison Toombs.

Together they are bringing a new solution to the medical industry called Doctionary, a technology-based solution that brings together language, communication and medicine.

Recognizing the connections in life and work:

  • How Courtney reconnected to her creative nature
  • Seeing an industry problem and creatively coming up with a solution
  • Balancing and enjoying the entrepreneurial journey
  • Seeing how her sister fit into the solution and bringing her onboard

Even with an educational background in medicine and time management skills, Courtney shares the challenges she’s faced with her startup. Being part of HAYVN Launch connected Courtney to mentors and a community of supportive startups cheering for her success. HAYVN Launch helped accelerate her growth and the development of Doctionary which she hopes to see across the country.

“You need something to just kind of push you and accelerate you a little bit, and that’s really what HAYVN Launch did for us.“ – Dr. Courtney Toombs

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