Suzy Bessett chats the value of a healthy relationship with eating on HAYVN Hubcast

We’re all guilty of having disordered eating practices, whether it’s stress eating, bored eating, calorie counting, obsession with weight, or guilt after eating. And many have struggled with this for decades. Our guest today talks more about how to better understand our thinking about food, its impact on our behavior and how to develop healthy eating habits.

Today’s guest is Suzy Bessett, a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Eating Psychology Coach, and award-winning producer and filmmaker. She founded The Metabolic Connection which offers a completely unique approach to disordered eating and metabolic issues. She has helped chronic dieters get off the roller coaster of dieting, disordered relationships with food, and get on with living.

“It is not a quick fix. And the problem is, the diet industry sold us on that modality… and so people want that quick fix.” – Suzy Bessett

Key points about health and eating that Suzy shares today:

  • The false and unhealthy idea of “Lose weight fast” and “quick fixes”
  • What disordered eating is and its difference from eating disorders
  • The balance of what you eat, how much you eat, and your relationship with what you eat

“It’s hard because… this is my life’s work. I want to help as many people as I possibly can, but I have to make sure that expectations are set properly, which is a big part of my initial work with people.” – Suzy Bessett

A part of the reason why Suzy pursues eating psychology as her life’s work is that having had unhealthy eating practices and metabolic issues herself, she knows the importance of healthy eating and wants to share what she learned with others. And she wants to work in a space that allows and encourages her to pursue that. Suzy is a social member of HAYVN and joins the wellness group. More than anything, she enjoys the community of HAYVN and appreciates how it promotes success for all members, not competition.

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