Michelle Garside chats Branding From the Inside Out on HAYVN Hubcast

The Founder of Soul Camp Creative, Michelle Garside is on the podcast today! Michelle is also the founder of the Connecticut Women’s Club as well and when you hear her story, you’re going to want to connect with her.

Michelle worked for some of the biggest brands helping them create effective branding and messaging. She was at the top of her career when a big change in her life led her to quit her job. She took some time to figure out what she really wanted and began to create that for herself.

Back to her branding roots, she realized she could help soul-purpose entrepreneurs who were doing transformational work in the world.

As she explains, branding is about what you stand for, who you want to serve and how you want to implement what you do. She now helps mission-focused entrepreneurs create brands that speak to the heart of their work.

“We believe in branding from the inside out. We are for big ideas that change the world.” – Michelle Garside

Hear how her team is in service of this concept for their clients. The first step is starting with a brand break-through, a process that she says must start “from a place of nothing.” Letting go of what you think you know to become who you want to be.

Who can get the most out of this type of opportunity? Michelle explains that when you know it’s time to grow. That might mean going from one-to-one work to serving many, or it could be when you’re ready to publish your book or get a new program out to the world.

“Magic happens in a group.” – Michelle Garside

Also, Michelle’s well known Soul Camp is coming back September 7-10 to be held in the Poconos. This is going to be a small group of people who are ready for 4 days of diving into their true authentic selves.

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