Kristen Rzasa on Authentic Relationship Building on HAYVN Hubcast

In this episode we dive into the amazing work and community of HAYVN and its members. Host Nancy Sheed talks with Kristen Hallett Rzasa as they discuss the modern-day landscape of entrepreneurship, the challenges of running and growing a business, and how community and networks are necessary for success.

Kristen is a life and business strategist and works in HAYVN’s Community Engagement. Kristen talks about HAYVN’s Entrepreneurial Women’s Club and how their monthly meetings have been a tool for connecting with other entrepreneurial women, learning new things, building relationships, and having fun.

“When we share our struggles, that’s when the real power and growth happens.” – Kristen Hallett Rzasa

Three takeaways from this episode:

  • Empowering Networking: HAYVN’s Entrepreneurial Women’s Club provides a unique space for female entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and support one another.
  • Monthly Meeting Experience: Get to know about the structure of the club’s monthly meetings, where informal networking, member spotlights, and insightful presentations make a positive impact in attendees’ businesses.
  • Value of In-Person Connection: It’s important to have in-person interactions, which foster collaboration, personal growth, and empowerment for entrepreneurial women.

“You have to work on the internal and the external game to really make it in the entrepreneurial world.” – Kristen Hallett Rzasa

Kristen highlights the “HAYVN Magic” that sets HAYVN apart as a supportive and collaborative community. The Entrepreneurial Women’s Club is a testament to the club’s essence and the power of face-to-face connections in the entrepreneurial world.

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