While 2020 left many of us wishing we could reach out and connect with others, 2021 is the year we can finally open up to more public events and start sharing – and HAYVN’s Darien podcasting studio, in Fairfield County, is the perfect place to do that.

Sue Yasav, a HAYVN coworking member, is already full steam ahead on her marketing podcast for this hopeful year.  And, Felicia Rubinstein, HAYVN’s owner and founder, has recently made her thoughts about the benefits of coworking spaces known on a popular podcast called Uncooked.

Both Sue and Felicia’s podcasts are must-listen programming, and these shows have quickly made their way into our member-favorite podcast list (see below).

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Along with some gems you should be checking out from our Desert Island Podcasts playlist like Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead and Tim Ferris’ The Tim Ferris Show, our HAYVN members especially love My First Million by The Hustle and TED Podcasts.

Is that any surprise?

HAYVN members are ready to succeed, and they’re ready to move past the challenges we all faced in 2020 and into the first part of this year. They’re looking for inspiration (in their personal and professional lives). And, they’re hungry for ways to turn the tide toward better and happier days.

This means that our HAYVN members are gobbling up content like crazy.

They’re also thinking about how their experiences and expertise can fit into the grand scheme of things for others (hence, their desire to rent HAYVN’s podcast studio to offer their spin on this thing we call life).

The lockdowns of the past year may have forced many of us inside our homes and away from conversations with others. But, they didn’t stop us from talking with that voice in our head that kept saying we had something to share.

And, now that we’re finally able to get out into the world again? You guessed it. It’s time to put those plans we made during lockdown into their proper place.

Jump right in … HAYVN’s podcast studio (aka Bell Island Huddle Room/Podcast Room) awaits.

HAYVN’s podcast studio is your perfect place to dive deep into the processes, people, and programming that is meaningful to you (and will surely be to others). HAYVN’s podcast room is your private recording studio where you can flesh out all those topics you’ve been thinking about for months.

Every podcast or webinar is an event like any event. HAYVN’s a perfect space for chatting up experts and connecting on a deeper level (we all seem to be absolutely craving connection these days, aren’t we).

But, before we talk more about our podcast room and all of the podcasting equipment that you have at your disposal as a HAYVN member, let’s discuss – for a moment – why you should start a podcast if you don’t already have one.

Why Record a Podcast in HAYVN’s Podcasting Studio?

HAYVN Podcast Huddle Room

As of May 2021, there are more than 2 million podcasts and more than 48 million podcast episodes. So why add your show to the mix? We can think of several reasons:

  • Consumers thirst for information that is available NOW. If you can deliver it, you can succeed. Podcasting lets you easily get your content directly into the hands of those who are looking for it right when they want it.
  • The COVID experience got people into learning mode. What else was there to do, right? We soaked up info on finances, home decor, cooking, baking, singing, playing guitar… (you get the picture). We’re all really good virtual students now and we want to learn from you.
  • Podcasting is an easy way to connect. Think about the fact that we all walk around with phones on us. When you produce a podcast, you have an accessible path right into the minds of consumers no matter where they are (as much as we love books, there is no backpack or bookbag required when you consume a podcast).
  • Social media reigns supreme and you need content to publish on your social channels. Have you ever been stumped when it comes to ideas for social media posts? If you have a podcast, you have great clickable content that is also easily shareable on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.
  • You have authority in your field. You’re good at something, right? We know it and you know it, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog on coworking, creativity, and cultivating success. People want to learn from leaders in an industry and you can be the one to answer the public’s most pressing questions.

What is HAYVN Member Sue Yasav’s Experience Like in Our Podcasting Studio?

HAYVN member Sue Yasav frequently takes advantage of the beautiful, safe, and modern podcasting studio we have here in our coworking space.

The sound-deadened  and light-filled room where she recorded a series of eight episodes for the HAYVN Hubcast  podcast was outfitted with podcasting equipment like a microphone and equalizer to help her produce a professional intro. Sue brought her laptop in to use for recording throughout the bulk of her show.

HAYVN’s podcast room was the perfect professional space for Sue and her guests to record their HAYVN Hubcast episodes. Sue especially enjoyed the convenience of the studio including its easy access, combined with built-for-success ground-up construction.

  • “When HAYVN was originally built, Felicia added the Podcast Room specifically for the purpose of podcasting, so it’s insulated. It seems like it’s in the middle of everything, but actually when you close the door, you don’t hear anything from the outside.”

Sue booked  time for her podcasting by emailing HAYVN’s community manager, but she admits  that booking through the HAYVN app would be  super easy too. You can also call to reserve time in our podcasting studio.

Sue’s episodes on the HAYVN Hubcast podcasts dive into marketing tools that small businesses can use to find success. She talks about important topics like how to develop a value proposition or create a great website. Sue breaks down social media into the basics and she helps her audience learn how to create compelling content.

A small business marketing expert like Sue is a perfect person to produce a podcast. Through her content, small business owners and entrepreneurs get assistance with crucial tasks that may not be part of their areas of expertise.

Sue’s podcasts typically run between 12 and 25 minutes. Within this timeframe, she provides valuable overviews and breakdowns of subject matters that are of interest to her audience. She also makes sure her podcast episodes direct listeners to places where they can learn more, such as Sue’s websites or courses.

As you can probably tell, podcasts are a fantastic way to get your name out there and share a bit about who you are (and what you have to sell).

If you want to listen to Sue talk about small business marketing – and interview SEO experts and content influencers – add these   episodes to your podcast playlist:

  • Podcast 1 – The Marketing Funnel
  • Podcast 2 – Creating the Perfect Positioning and Value Proposition
  • Podcast 3 – Why and How to do Market Research
  • Podcast 4 – Creating Great Content that Gets You Noticed
  • Podcast 5 – How to be a Thought Leader
  • Podcast 6 – Website Content and Design
  • Podcast 7 – SEO Basics (with guest Nalini Goolsaran)
  • Podcast 8 – Getting promoted on Social Media (with guest Hayley Segar)

Why Should You Check Out Felicia Rubinstein on the Uncooked Podcast?

HAYVN owner and founder Felicia Rubinstein appeared on Jacqueline Lieberman’s Uncooked podcast to share her inspiration for creating a coworking space where women professionals (and men) can connect, create, and get things done.

On the episode, HAYVN Coworking: It Takes More Time Than Free Coffee to Build a Professional Community, Felicia discusses the importance of building HAYVN as a brand that is more than just office space.

This is not completely true it needs more soundproofing because of the glass walls.

Felicia’s goal with HAYVN was to deliver valuable resources that businesses can use to succeed. Her brand story is about anticipating needs and delivering unparalleled service, especially when it comes to barriers professional women face. Men find it a pretty awesome place to cowork, too.

On the Uncooked podcast, Felicia dove deep into the many ways that HAYVN outmaneuvers the competition.

A podcast is a perfect place for Felicia to personally tell the story about her brand’s unique approach to building community. It offers insight directly from the person who saw value in a shared workspace even amid the challenges that we have faced for too long with this pandemic.

For anyone who wants to learn how to redefine a business or industry in 2021 and beyond, Felicia’s Uncooked podcast is a source of inspiration for sure.

What Do You Need to Know About HAYVN’s Podcasting Studio (aka Huddle Room)?

So, you’re ready to record a podcast, right? Before you sit down in our podcast studio to hash your topic out, this is what you need to know:

  • HAYVN’s podcast room is outfitted with the latest technology to create professional podcasts (we charge a small fee to rent podcasting equipment, or bring your own)
  • We book our podcasting studio by the hour
  • Our podcast room seats three people (keeping social distancing in mind)
  • There’s a good reason our Podcast Room doubles as a Huddle Room – you can hold small collab sessions in here too
  • HAYVN’s podcasting studio is frequently disinfected and comes with plenty of hand sanitizer

Are There Any Other Benefits to Using Our Podcast Studio?

You bet. HAYVN members who reserve our podcasting room enjoy these HAYVN co-working  :

  • Access to a kitchen and relaxing spaces for guests
  • Coffee, tea, and treats (made by some of our fellow HAYVN members)
  • Strong technology like secure and reliable high-speed Internet
  • IT support (bring your questions and we’ll help you answer them)
  • Marketing support, from strategy to branding, production and distribution
  • HAYVN Workshops (periodic events on a variety business topics

Events – go beyond a podcast. Have an after party, book signing, or even a staff meeting. We can help you achieve your vision.

Check out all that is going on at HAYVN. Come take a tour of our Fairfield County co-working space and check out our podcast studio, our board rooms and other work spaces. Our podcast room is also great for content strategy sessions and webinar recording.

HAYVN Coworking

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