HAYVN Salons are peer-to-peer intimate member meetings with members to encourage meaningful connections and conversations.

What Is A Salon?

A salon is a way to connect with other HAYVN members, to share, grow and just chat with a small group meeting of about 4 to 6 people at one time.

How Do Salons Work?

  • Meet and network with members every few weeks for insightful conversations on career, life, and how to take your business or passions to the next level.
  • Only HAYVN members are invited!
  • Register to join a SALON.
  • Each group will decide their own day and time to meet, and can meet virtually or are welcome to gather at HAYVN.

How To Sign Up For A Salon

RSVP below and tell us which upcoming HAYVN SALON you’d like to attend.

Have Questions?

Please email 📩 hello@hayvn.com or ask a Community Manager.

Even though my company has its own offices we look forward to using the state of art technology that HAYVN’s facilities offer. 

Pamela Viglielmo
President, Menaji Worldwide, LLC

Being an entrepreneur can be quite lonely at times. Having a working environment which has both quiet, focused areas in which to work and also others to bounce ideas off of and network with is huge. I love the space and the people!

Kim Barron 
Founder, New Leaf Graphic Design

To be able to meet and work with clients in an environment that is not only professional but hugely collaborative and inspiring is a dream come true. I love the vibe of the space and networking with the amazing HAYVN community members. 

Nancy Sheed
Principal, Sheed Communications

Nadia Fiorita, HAYVN coworking member in Fairfield County, CT
I chose to work at and join HAYVN because for my first time being on my own as a business owner, community was very important. As an entrepreneur and therapist, the journey can be lonely and I wanted to be in a space that was inspiring and also where I was able to connect with others. Nadia Fiorita, LCSW, CHC Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Health & Wellness Coach
Katy Kinsella, HAYVN coworking member in Darien CT
I’d been working from home for 4 years and had always wanted a co-work space though the ones available were either too far or not the right feel. When Hayvn opened it was the perfect solution; a convenient location and a well appointed, comfortable and bright work space. Hayvn has the comforts of a home office with the stimulation of a community. It’s the perfect fit for me. Katy Kinsella  Senior Sales Manager, Kerry
Gregory Papajohn, HAYVN member in Darien CT
Achieve unthinkable outcomes! As a venture and enterprise developers by way of public relations and marketing, being part of HAYVN’s thriving community is terrific.  Gregory Papajohn Founder, Archie Group