How Women-Centric Coworking Spaces Make a Difference with Lynne Pagano and Felicia Rubinstein on HAYVN Hubcast

Whether you’re a freelancer, remote worker or a small business owner, coworking spaces can improve your productivity, focus and creativity. Women-centric coworking spaces however add a different vibe to the environment offering programs and collaborations that better support women in their professional journey.

Today’s episode is extra special as we are joined by Lynne Pagano, The Co-Founder and Community Manager from The Co-Co based in New Jersey, and Felicia Rubinstein, Founder of HAYVN located in Connecticut. Both of their communities focus on helping women, in particular, thrive and feel supported in a workspace nurtured for growth and success. They are also part of the “Sister Spaces” a collaborative relationship between six other women-centric co-working communities.

Both Felicia and Lynne share their unique experiences creating strong communities through Covid, the Great Resignation, and a recession, among many other challenges, and how they were so successful.

“We are really working hard at helping female founders.” – Felicia Rubinstein

Key Takeaways from Lynne & Felicia:

  • Women-centric coworking spaces can still be inclusive to men
  • Female founders can feel supported with programs and offerings that help grow their businesses and have a fulfilling healthy life
  • Sister spaces don’t have to compete with each other to thrive. They can have reciprocal relationships that benefit everyone
  • Get comfortable with change and know that pivoting your business and focus is the way you survive uncertainty

“You have to pivot. If you want your business to keep going forward, you have to change.” Lynne Pagano

These founders share the wisdom of their journeys in opening brand new coworking spaces at a time everything literally shut down. Their advice to not take yourself too seriously is critical, but difficult to apply when you’ve put so much energy into creating a business and community. Their loving reminder to their younger selves founding these incredible coworking spaces was to enjoy the journey while you’re on it.

Check out HAYVN’s coworking partners, a.k.a. Sister Spaces here to connect across 6 different states and 11 locations.

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