Customer Discovery: Validating Product & Market Fit

If you are a startup looking to scale your business – or – an existing business looking to launch new products/features – or an existing business looking to explore additional growth opportunities then this session is for you!

In this webinar, guest speaker Christine Gelnaw, Principal at CMGVision, a market research consultancy, will go through:

  • Understanding customers’ choices/trade-offs in solving problems
  • Identifying target customers/personas and compelling features (emotional, social and functional)
  • Assigning value to the solution(s) (how does it improve their lives?)
  • Exploring pivots

About Christine:
Christine Gelnaw is a Principal at CMGVision, a market research consultancy committed to provide actionable insights to innovative solutions and a former Program Manager at The Refinery Accelerator Program, a highly successful program designed to improve the diversity, sustainability and success of women-led startup companies in the State of Connecticut. She has mentored, advised and served on the founding teams of multiple startups. Prior to The Refinery, she was a capital markets senior manager at KPMG Consulting with an established record of prioritizing and productizing competitive innovation initiatives. She is an accomplished specialist in strategic business positioning: strategy, innovation/ commercialization initiatives, competitive market analysis and positioning, market research and operations execution.