Thinking Beyond Business and Embracing Sustainability on HAYVN Hubcast


Thinking Beyond Business and Embracing Sustainability with Soledad Matteozzi

HAYVN Hubcast co-host Nancy Sheed is talking with Soledad Matteozzi the founder of Thinking Beyond Business, a company that helps businesses improve their environmental footprint.

Soledad’s journey has taken her across the world. She grew up in Patagonia. That’s where her love for the outdoors was nurtured.

She then began her career in NYC, drawn to the city by the energy and reputation for success. As an attorney she worked with US based and international companies providing legal guidance and strategies for growth including mergers and acquisitions.

But there was always something missing.

Once she became a mom, having 2 babies in 12 months, she knew that the time commitments of her current job were not going to fit her changed lifestyle. In perfect timing, her husband was offered a job in Stockholm and the family moved.

Soledad explains how the lifestyle there was much more manageable. It’s also where she began to learn more about sustainability.

Then moving to China was a wake-up call. She saw firsthand the pollution in Beijing and realized that environmental issues where a “now” problem. She went back to school studying Environmental Social Governance.

Once back in the US, she knew that private industry must be a part of the solution to climate and environmental concerns. She realized companies who want to help and are committed to acting didn’t know where to start.

Soledad met her business partner at HAYVN (of course!) Silvina Skverer and started the company to help save the world.

Most companies they work with now:

  • Have concerns about climate change
  • Are forward thinking about how they can impact their community
  • Want to empower their employees and find new ways to keep them engaged
  • Are committed to making an impact beyond making money

Soledad outlines how they begin with an assessment. Each company has their own version of best practices, and they want to help them understand where they are and bring on that. They also identify opportunities and risks so there are steps for short-term and long-term gains.

From there they create an action plan.

That includes actions as well as how to measure and evaluate. They meet each client where they are and help them develop the path forward.

She explains that there is a misconception that this work will be costly. She wants everyone know that this is good business. It’s being part of the solution which will ultimately help in business success too.

Simple places for any company to start:

  • Recycle if you are not already
  • Cease using plastic plates, bottles, and cups
  • Reduce printing
  • Motivate everyone to recycle by sharing results with your team

HAYVN has been a valuable resource for Soledad and her business. They work with other members for legal and marketing support. They know that collaboration helps everyone so they think “HAYVN first” when they are looking for other resources.

“Everybody can do something if you have the will to do it.”


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