HAYVN podcast on the marketing funnel


The Marketing Funnel

Sue Yasav, CEO and founder of Marquette Marketing shares the foundations of the marketing funnel. This is part one of a series to help listeners grow their marketing savvy.

How can a marketing funnel help?

  • Awareness – people need to know who you are, what you do and how to connect with you. Sue details 3 ways you can expand awareness in your industry and market. You’ll get specific steps that you can implement right away.
  • Consideration – how are people engaging with you? When people find you, are they clear about what you do and the services you offer? You’ll find the fastest way to connect with your website visitors and people looking for your product/services.
  • Conversion – This is where the money is made. How can you increase the number of purchases from your proposal and offers? Sue explains easy steps you can implement to help you see more sales.
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