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Mind and Body: How to Relax, Connect, and Live with Ease

Feeling stressed, angry, frustrated, or anxious nearly every day doesn’t have to be the standard of living for most people. But that means practicing a self-care routine shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury, but rather a necessity for you to be at your best self.

Over 75% of healthcare visits in the U.S. are connected to stress

Maria Allen, LMT know this all too well. She struggled with a high stress acting career as well as a running injury that eventually led her to her first yoga class. Fast forward years later, and Maria is now a massage therapist and the founder of Real & Powerful, where she helps people live with more ease and joy through movement, calm, relaxation, and breathing techniques.

Key Highlights to Connecting Mind and Body:

  • Releasing your physical body can have a profound impact on your mind
  • Connection is powerful with breathing, meditation, and movement
  • Living in the present connects you to joy and inner peace
  • Following cues from the universe can lead to a Real & Powerful life

As I practiced yoga and received massages, I discovered that making time for releasing built-up tightness in my physical body almost always caused a similar letting go of persistent, exhausting mental tension. ” – Maria Allen

Releasing pinned up tension within our body is not just a physical relief, but it’s also a mental relief, something much needed for those dealing with high levels of stress. Maria shares how she went from seeking physical relief to finding an inner peace, joy, and a level of self-awareness that she’s been able to share with others.

It’s important to remember that stress affects us in so many ways and managing that stress takes on many forms between mind, body, and spirit. Maria’s been able to find more creative ways to help people connect with themselves and with nature. Her practices have allowed her to bring mental health awareness, visualization and meditation, breathing techniques into one existence. Follow her and discover more ways to a path of joyful living.

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