Making Real Estate Relevant For All with Joan Jia on HAYVN Hubcast


Making Real Estate Relevant for All

Making the move from corporate unfulfillment to a passion that solves a problem for thousands of people is the entrepreneurial dream. Pivoting career moves is never easy and starting in a totally new industry can be scary and super risky.

Joan Jia, Co-Founder and CEO of RENTRY, a multi-family real estate technology first marketplace, made her move from fintech to bridge the gap and help consumers like you access the information needed in the real estate marketplace to build financial wealth and independence.

“We wanted to come in, digitize our experience and knowledge so that every consumer will have access…” – Joan Jia

Breaking Down Multi-Family Real Estate with Joan:

  • Digitize experience and knowledge only accessible to real estate professionals
  • How 15 years in real estate investing gave Joan an advantage
  • The allure of passive income for building wealth
  • Joan’s real estate forecast and current condition

Joan came into HAYVN LAUNCH and instantly became an asset and recipient of all the amazing benefits one comes to expect from HAYVN. Joan shares how getting into the launch program changed the way she approached real estate brokers, fundraising, her pitch to investors, and how she showed up to network and make connections.

“We want every consumer to have an alternative to build financial wealth and independence in the real estate market.” – Joan Jia

Joan has been fortunate enough to have a successful fintech career as she started to get involved in real estate investing. Her knowledge and ability to cover her bases created a way for her to ease into real estate without being overcome by the stress of pivoting careers. She was the winner of HAYVN HATCH, and her ability to focus and improve accessibility for everyone is why she is extraordinary.

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