Debra Lutsky chats How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy on HAYVN Hubcast podcast

If branding, marketing, website building, design, and copywriting are not your thing, you’re likely muddling your way along by handling your own digital marketing. With millions of businesses online, digital marketing is a highly valued service for a good reason.

Our guest in this episode is Debra Lutsky is the Founder and Creative Director of her own marketing agency, Digital Retail Partners. She is very clear about who her business helps and what she helps them to do. She focuses on the intersection of design and technology for online brands disrupting traditional retail and e-commerce based businesses.

“It’s one thing to build a website, but you have to get people there.” -Debra Lutsky

Debra graciously shares her journey from being the girl in love with fashion and art, to the Shopify certified business owner who now advocates as a partner of both HAYVN and the Women’s Business Development Council.

Key Marketing Points for Every Business Owner:

  • Key elements for impactful marketing communications
  • How design and development show up in your business
  • Debra’s 3 Cs for a future proof marketing strategy

“Most online businesses need to focus on an omnichannel approach, […] You need to be in all the places that your customers are in.” -Debra Lutsky

Debra’s HAYVN journey started from the very beginning helping the founder Felicia with everything from website designs to email marketing to graphics and animation. Her journey is everything that HAYVN stands for in encouraging women owned businesses to keep supporting advocating for all women who want a business or career AND to be a mother.

“I could do both, I could be a mother and I could be a business owner and I wasn’t sacrificing one or the other.” -Debra Lutsky

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