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How Working Moms Reclaim Self and Career

Whether you are a new mother or a third-time momma, there is often tension and guilt that comes with returning to the workplace. The desire of wanting to be with your child can create fiction with the desire to return to your work as it was pre-motherhood.

If you’re guided by the narrative that all working moms are stressed mothers (especially after we have dealt with a pandemic and the subsequent “Great Resignation”), take a deep breath, know there is hope and this episode may be just what you need to start considering new possibilities.

Today’s guest, Dr. Hilary Berger is the Founder of Work Like a Mother. She is a career counselor and Board Certified Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor who helps mothers with career planning and strategies for life after motherhood.

“The work that I’ve designed is very intentionally designed to integrate small, attainable, realistic initiatives that rebuild confidence and give women a pathway back into the world that they want to be part of.” – Dr. Hilary Berger

Key points discussed for working mothers:

  • Feeling shut down, like you’ve lost your identity and confidence is normal, and you are not alone
  • Having children doesn’t mean not thriving and reaching career goals
  • There are strategies you can implement to start the healing process to begin a new normal
  • Career relevance is not a guilty desire. You can have flexibility and options while raising your children

But the corporate landscape, culture and society do still need to change. Working moms still have struggles that corporate America is not fully prepared to deal with. While some companies make the effort to accommodate working mothers, the realities, opportunities, and standards across the board are not where they need to be for true equity.

According to AAUW, mothers are 40% more likely than fathers to report that child care issues negatively affect their careers. And an astounding 96% of dads with jobs work full time in comparison to only 78% of mothers.

Being a mother is beautiful and rewarding, and it doesn’t mean choosing your children over your career. It also doesn’t make feeling like you’ve lost yourself, your career and your passions an acceptable way of life.

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