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How to Get Your Big Ideas Out to Market

Getting your innovative ideas to market is tricky and overwhelming when you don’t have a solid strategy or connections with the right people. While more than 95% of product innovations likely fail, 92% of startups also fail. So how do you successfully get products to market?

Rache Brand is a woman of many hats, but more importantly, she is an innovative brand expert when it comes to commercializing big ideas and getting products to market. She is also a self-proclaimed ‘human collector’ and has honed in on the value of promoting a robust community.

Not only is Rache’s resume impressive from her vital role with Chobani seeing the company revenue grow from $23 million to $880 million in four years to running her own business as well as being the Innovation Lead as part of CT Next in Hartford, CT. Rache has also lived in several amazing places with unique experiences leading to her specialty in connecting with people and creating communities.

Key Highlights to Help You Rethink Getting Your Ideas to Market:

  • Building an ecosystem around innovation
  • Creating a robust community
  • Commercializing big ideas
  • Consulting to solve big problems for a path forward

“I really try hard not to just make assumptions or share my specific ideas, right out of the gate without knowing all the information, because the reality is, there are many ways to slice and dice the opportunity to get you where you want to go.” – Rache Brand

Rache also takes the high-level approach to seemingly complex problems. She takes several steps back to see the bigger community picture first. Once she knows what is being done well and the options available, then she determines the best path forward. Regardless of your product or service, thinking with an eye on innovation is a great way to implement as you grow your business.

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