Our Virtual Space to Exchange Opportunities, Spur Collaboration and Connections

In this time of business flux, HAYVN’s diverse group of member companies needed to do some creative pivoting. Many of them also know of high school and college age children who have likewise needed to revamp their planned part-time job and internship arrangements. Starting with a curated list of internships and interns, we aim to help member businesses get access to the help they need and young talent get the experience they desire.

Also in the works is our upcoming HAYVN HUB Career Forum.


Looking for an intern for a project?



  • Access to high-caliber intern talent via fellow HAYVN member referrals
  • Opportunity to mentor young talent and ‘pay it forward’
  • Ability to quickly access help on a project or longer term basis
  • Easily plug into a turnkey intern sourcing/training program
  • Can be remote, in-person or a combination
  • Allows for further utilization of HAYVN’s convenient facilities

Looking for professional experience?



  • Learn about multiple industries via HAYVN’S vast membership network
  • Opportunity to build career skills and learn professional etiquette
  • Access to professional mentors and fellow intern support
  • Exposure to HAYVN events and office space
  • Online resources to facilitate professional training
  • Flexible and remote options

Questions or Suggestions? Contact us at hello@HAYVN.com

HAYVN Hub Internship Program Disclaimer

HAYVN provides this online exchange for the purpose of informing prospective interns or students of internship opportunities. The internship program consists of maintaining listings of internship opportunities on the HAYVN Hub website.

In order to participate in the internship program, you must agree to all of the following terms and conditions:

  • HAYVN will not be liable to any person or company for any claims, demands, causes of action or damages whatsoever resulting from, arising out of or connected with the internship program or website. In addition:

    • Any understanding or arrangement between companies and persons and students will be determined and agreed between the parties, independently of HAYVN. HAYVN will not have any liability of any kind resulting from a failure of a party to comply with its representations.

    • It is the sole responsibility of each participant to independently investigate and determine the suitability of any person or company with whom any arrangement or agreement is made. All users of this website who contact, or are contacted by, any person or company listed on our website, do so at their own risk.

  • HAYVN will not be liable to any person or company for any claims, demands, causes of action or damages whatsoever resulting from, arising out of or connected with HAYVN’s use of information provided in connection with or related to the internship program or the website. In addition:

    • All participants agree to provide HAYVN with feed-back and information regarding the internship program as HAYVN, from time to time, may reasonably request. All participants consent to the use of any information supplied and any statistics derived from the program and determined to be appropriate by HAYVN, in its sole reasonable discretion.

  • HAYVN does not take part in any role in the criteria, selection or placement of any interns, nor is there any guarantee that a listed company will select any applicants. All arrangements related to the internship, including but not limited to travel, project planning and costs, and any agreed compensation or stipends are the sole responsibility of the employer and the intern and HAYVN will not be involved in such arrangements.