HAYVN Roots + Wings

HAYVN Roots & Wings Career Workshop

Launch your career journey with resilience — starts June 8th!

20-somethings! Join us for this 4-part workshop series.

This is a pilot program. We plan to offer these workshops again and would love your feedback on what time, date, and platform might work best. For example, evening vs. daytime, Summer or Fall, virtual or in-person. Please email hello@hayvn.com with suggestions. 

Are You In Your Twenties?

Feeling unsure about the next steps towards building your career? Do you want to feel confident and less stressed about how you present to future employers?

From discovering your career fit, nailing interviews and optimizing resumes, to owning your finances—this series will empower you in navigating your place in the world of work and where you will thrive.

Workshop Series Details

  • Dates: Tuesday & Thursday — June 8th, June 10th, June 15th, and June 17th*
  • Time: 10am–12pm
  • Optional Networking Lunch: 12pm–1pm with members, bring-your-own lunch
  • Cost: $395

*This is a series, must be able to attend all dates. The sessions are intimate, in-person and limited to 8-10 participants.

You Will Learn

  • What careers you are best suited for and the concept of a “career journey”
  • How to speak with confidence on your unique personal brand, and how to pitch yourself to future employers
  • How to write stellar resumes to make sure they are at the top of the pile
  • Health & Wellness strategies for managing stress
  • How to set yourself up for financial success with lifetime, healthy money habits
  • How to interview with future employers and make it a two-way street
  • How to network and grow into your directional career path

Additional Benefits

  • 1-on-1 access to career counselors, health and wellness and LinkedIn experts to get the individual feedback you need
  • Networking opportunities with HAYVN members that span a multitude of industries including design, marketing, publishing, healthcare, real estate, insurance, and more
  • Breakfast accommodation (coffee, fruit and scones)
  • Access to HAYVN’s Mother Daughter – Special Promotion
  • Ability to take professional photos in our HAYVN space for LinkedIn (additional charge)
  • Opportunities for mock interviews
  • Access to a lifetime professional network through networking strategies and connections made throughout the program

Course Curriculum

Week 1: June 8 — Charting Your Course and Career Mapping

What is a career journey? And how do we take all of our skills from college and the best parts from our personality and find a career that will bring us long-term happiness and job satisfaction?

  • Deep dive into translating  interests, education, and skills into careers
  • Exploring careers
  • Identify skill building, stepping stones and practical tips for navigating your career
  • Build a foundation for launching career with career search strategies


Week 2: June 10 — Creating Your Personal and Professional Brand

We all have a unique story that is part of our personal “brand.” We will discover how storytelling can enhance your personal brand in elevator pitch, personal statement, resume content and format, LinkedIn and Social Media.

  • Master the Elevator Pitch and how to promote yourself
  • Elevate LinkedIn Profiles
  • Leverage social media to create a professional digital brand


Week 3: June 15 — Financial IQ: Keeping Your $20s in Your 20s

Does saving and creating a budget seem challenging? Does Investing seem intimidating? It doesn’t have to be. We will share key techniques for taking the stress and uncertainty out of creating credit, budgeting and investing.

  • Learn how to create immediate growth in your savings and investment accounts – even if you have no money saved.
  • Learn key techniques for taking the stress and uncertainty out of saving for retirement, and future financial planning along with building credit
  • Learn how to live within your means, understanding taxes (salary vs. take home pay), and preparing a budget (rent and utilities, car payments, insurance, student loans, meals, and “fun”)
  • Understand and know how to negotiate employment contracts


Week 4: June 17Building Confidence: Acing the Interview

Interviewing is a big stressor after college—we get it, it’s uncomfortable! We’re going to teach you how to stop dreading interviews and make them an experience where you feel valued, heard, and confident. This workshop will also include how to build professional networks, secure interviews, exude confidence + avoid “imposter syndrome” during interviews.

  • Learn tips and techniques for building and exploiting LinkedIn Network
  • Learn the best networking strategies and etiquette to truly build relationships
  • Be able to practice with mock interviews and get individualized feedback

The Team

 Maureen Ahern

Maureen Ahern

Ahern Leadership Coaching

Chris Gelnaw

Chris Gelnaw


Galia Gichon

Galia Gichon

Down-to-Earth Finance

Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller

My Word Publishing

Kristen Rzasa

Kristen Rzasa

InterPlay Health, LLC

Hayley Segar

Hayley Segar


Nancy Sheed

Nancy Sheed

Sheed Communications LLC

Carrie Skowronski

Carrie Skowronski


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