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IT: Best Practices For Secure Password Management

It’s been reported that over 85% of data breaches that happen are due to weak passwords. The usual signs of a weak password are using your pet’s name, recycling the same few passwords repeatedly, or using your date of birth and any family or friend names.

Linda Kuppersmith is not only the President and Chief Technology Advisor of CMIT Solutions, but she is also on the Havyn board of advisors. She’s joining us in the second part of this “All Things IT” series to address what best practices you should follow for more secure password management.

Cybercriminals are making $4 trillion globally

Key highlights from Guest:

  • Password theft is a problem for everyone
  • How a password vault works
  • Why to use second factor authentication
  • When to get IT support

 “I’m looking to be able to save the world one password at a time.”

Password Tips:

  1. Get your passwords into one place and categorize
  2. Select 4 random words connected with numbers and symbols in between.
  3. Change your passwords frequently

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