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IT Trends Impacting You and Your Business

Technology is evolving faster and faster as more and more solutions and innovations come to the marketplace. Information security, compliance, automation, and integrations are just part of the problems and concerns facing small business owners and entrepreneurs. Knowing what to give your attention to, how to implement, and what to implement can feel overwhelming.

HAYVN Hubcast is bringing you a mini-series on “All Things IT: Keeping You Safe, Smart, and Productive.” In this first episode, Linda Kuppersmith, President and Chief Technology Advisor at CMIT Solutions, joins Nancy to discuss technology trends affecting you and your business.

Trends to Be Aware of:

  • Speed of technology innovation is like never before
  • Wi-Fi use at home is increasing and demands your attention
  • Artificial Intelligence is creating more tailored experiences
  • Virtual reality is more than gaming & movies, it’s interactive education

Linda’s Tech Tips:

  • TIP #1 Check your internet bill yearly and replace outdated Wi-Fi
  • TIP #2 Be strategic about wiring and setting home for technology
  • Check out more for Linda’s Tech Tips here.

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