What is a Virtual Assistant and How Can They Help Me?

If you’re growing a business and having trouble scaling a Virtual Assistant can be the answer to your prayers.

A virtual assistant provides administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients. But, instead of working full time for one person or organization, he or she works “virtually” (usually from home), providing these same types of services to a range of clients.

In this session, HAYVN member and long-time virtual assistant Belinda Wasser will talk about what’s involved and the steps necessary to work effectively with a Virtual Assistant.

Belinda will cover: -What is a Virtual Assistant

  • How to find a Virtual Assistant
  • What tasks can I get help with
  • What are the best practices for delegating -How much do I need to pay
  • And more.

Learn more about Belinda: https://rocketgirlsolutions.com/