podcast on Creating Strategies for Success with Phyllis Weihs-Yavner

Today, we’re having a holistic career conversation with Phyllis Weihs-Yavner. We’re talking about our mental health, diverting, and improving our professional careers, and how these are interconnected.

Phyllis is a licensed psychotherapist (MS, LPC), certified career counselor, speaker, and fierce believer in what’s possible. She helps her clients with different areas, and identifies where their issues overlap, and creates strategies based on what her clients want and need.

Here are some life experiences Phyllis shared today:

  • Her journey to becoming a counselor
  • The importance of counseling and guidance in today’s culture
  • How HAYVN has impacted and improved her career

“My approach is to look at what can be changed and what can’t be changed, and to work with that.” – Phyllis Weihs-Yavner

As an active member of the HAYVN community, she is also a part of the wellness mastermind and a regular expert and speaker. To hear more about her work, listen to the full episode.

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