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IT: How to Choose the Best Computer for Your Business Needs

As we are all completely reliant on computers and technology to operate and grow our business, tech guru Linda Kuppersmith is back for the fourth episode in the “All Things IT” series to discuss everything you need to know about purchasing computers for your business and personal needs. Linda is not only the President and Chief Technology Advisor of CMIT Solutions, but she is also on the HAYVN board of advisors.

Whether you are business owner or an employee, in this post-covid era, you are likely working remotely and have needed to set up your computers, online access points and all its related technology in a different fashion. Making these computer decisions can be overwhelming, confusing and tedious – and frustrating given supply chain challenges in our post covid world.

In 2021, roughly 340 million PCs and 277 million laptops were shipped around the world.

What you should know to be safe, be smart, and be productive when buying business computers:

  • Commit to invest in computer best for your business needs
  • Decide if a laptop is best for you versus a desktop computer
  • Go with a minimum of 8 gigabytes of memory
  • Consider a strategy for business tech upgrades and new computers

Linda takes the complication out of technology so you can have a clear understanding and vision of how all technologies work for you and against you.

3 Takeaway Tips from Linda

  • TIP #1 Buy directly from the manufacturer for the best quality
  • TIP #2 A business-class computer will last longer
  • TIP #3 Cloud programs push code through browsers back to your hard drive affecting processing and storage

 “If you’re spending six-plus hours a day on your computer, you’re going to benefit by having a second monitor…” – Linda Kuppersmith

Deciding on the right computer to build your business on is not easy. With Linda breaking down these industry terms you are able to access where you are, what you have, and strategize when and how to upgrade the technology for your business.

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